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Green Rhino Building Systems is an ideal construction method for its sustainability characteristics and for its ability to be readily formed into unusually creative shapes. The formability is great for both small simple shapes and for exotic luxury homes with virtually unlimited styles.


The Green Rhino Building System, in most structural contexts, is superior to every conceivable contemporary alternative for the following reasons:

  • It possesses more tensile strength than structures of currently-used construction methods

  • It can withstand weight on the roof exceeding 2000#/sq ft 

  • It is easy to construct and structures can be assembled in a small fraction of the time it takes to assemble similar structures of currently-used construction methods

  • It is lightweight, yet extremely durable

  • It is highly resistant to mold issues

  • It is veritably fire proof

  • It is naturally insulative

  • The construction method produces a very tight seal 

  • This construction method's costs range from 25% to 40% less than other more common methods of construction


Fine, beautiful homes can be created with significant speed, relative to conventional methods currently being phased out, as aging planning department bureaucrats are being replaced with new blood who are better-versed in sustainable architectural and engineering methods.

Tiny homes and quickly-constructed poverty alleviation shelters are easily built using this brilliant method of construction.

Truly unique homes can be constructed on any scale.

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