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GKs Business model illustrated

Salable products manufactured by recipients of GKs charitable system represent Philippine culture, both early and modern. While many useful items and comforts are universal, cultures are freely and continually able to express their identities while hapily generating ample income for their families and communities.

Economic Viability


Gawad Kalinga, in Tagalog means "to give care". GK was initially established in the Philippines, and it has proven many times over that a comprehensive approach to bringing those who live in extreme poverty out of the depths of society into a viable, economically-successful stratum requires the offering of business opportunities to those individuals. Clean water, sanitary living conditions, sturdy shelter, ample regenerable food sources and education need to be supported by ready and viable sources of income and any related training required to effect small business success. 

Recently, it was brought to light that recipients of microenterprise funding in Latin America did not properly benefit as expected, because investors' corruption bastardized the purpose and altered the focus away from poverty alleviation. Governmental deregulation facilitated the greed that undermined the originaly-intended benefits that the poor were to receive. 

Gawad Kalinga's business model has always proven itself to effect only positive change for the marginalized poor whom it seeks to benefit. It was founded by Antonio "Tony" Meloto, a truly compassionate humanitarian who lives humbly, despite his having raised millions of dollars for GK and its beneficiaries.

GK's system for edifying the poor through successful microenterprise implementation is vastly distinct from the entites who caused the economic debacle that occured in Latin America. In stark contrast, Gawad Kalinga is born of a truly charitable endeavor, and therefore GK continues to monitor and protect the economic success of its beneficiaries.

I have been very fortunate to have learned about GK and its striking parallel to my comprehensive concept for poverty alleviation. My association with GK is through my dear friends, Artemio and Noemi Divinagracia, and members of Couples for Christ who were instrumental in GK's inception in 1999. 

Trapanese Engineering 2.0 offers GK and charities of its kind a newly-established, structurally superior, faster, yet less-expensive construction method to that which is currently used in most parts of the world. Additionally, my system offers efficient and resilient solutions to all of the elements of extreme poverty: shelter, water, sanitation, electrical power, nutrition, education and economic viability.

I am very glad to be able to partner with and implement GKs proven, successful entrepreneurial solutions as a significant segment of the overall solution to extreme poverty.

USAID has also implemented parallel solutions to extreme poverty on 5 continents. I am proud to have USAID as a partner in poverty alleviation.

Partner USAID: "Yatta Hoff Mabande,left, a widow with six grown children and a member of the Charity Prayer Band [a spiritual/social self-help group in Monrovia] learned to assemble the [solar-powered] torches by watching the first group of trained assemblers. She has high hopes for the group enterprise, “It means a lot to me. I now have a way to sustain myself even if I’m alone, and I can train others. The more people we train, the more business can go out!”

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