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Education in the context of that which is needed to alleviate extreme poverty requires definition for clarity in discussion, and it is to be implemented differently under the variety of governmental parameters found throughout the world.

While a broad range of governments' educational structures share many similarities, a unifying international agency, UNESCO, has established a universal standard. "The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognizes seven levels of education in its International Standard Classification of Education system (ISCED, from Level 0 (pre-primary education) through Level 6 (second stage of tertiary education). UNESCO's International Bureau of Education maintains a database of country-specific education systems and their stages." [1]


We who have been formally educated in relative affluence in industrialized nations have a perspective on the value of both primary and secondary education.


The acceleration of opportunities on the internet renders many aspects of traditional education virtually irrelevant, particularly as they would apply to adults expediting their advancement out of extreme poverty into middle class. 

Everyone should have the benefit of receiving Primary Education. Primary education provides students with fundamental skills that are the foundation for the rest of their academic careers.

Beyond purely academic training, primary education provides children with some of their first exposures to different religions, races and socioeconomic strata, as well as people with different disabilities. The onus is on "elementary school teachers to teach children about tolerance and respect."[2]

Students are taught basic lifetime skills like reading, writing, spelling, interpersonal communication and concentration.[3] Elementary school students also learn good study habits including time management, multi-tasking, organization, test preparation, short and long-term planning.[2]

Successful day-to-day living is clearly facilitated by a command of both the primary academic and life skills listed above.

Secondary Education



[3]Tredyffrin/Easttown School District in Wayne, Pennsylvania.


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