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Multiple Disciplines Applied to the Purpose of Eradicating Poverty

Architectural Design

Modular Structural Panels and a Field-Fabricated adjunct. Patent Pending


Mechanical Design

Highly efficient utility design. Patent Pending


Wastewater Treatment

Advanced Wastewater Treatment system exceeds current industrial nations' standards of effluent water quality for recirculation and reuse. Small-scale production of useable and saleable byproducts from water treatment process. Patent Pending

Biogas/Biofuel Production

Algal production and byproducts. System design. Patent Pending




Contemporary and sohisticated Permaculture plan. Independent Patent Pending.

Pyrolitic Biochar

Multiple uses for useable and saleable byproduct from zero-waste sewage and solids waste treatment.



Each shelter produces nutritionally complete comestibles. Patent Pending.


Shelter maintenance, production training, primary and secondary education curricula. Copyrights 2014, 2015


Integral component ensuring the overall success and economic sustainability of each recipient and their respective investors. Intellectual Property Patent Pending.

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